Saturday, May 20, 2006

Lordi goes to Eurovision

Continuing our previous story: they've won! Check out the interview at the end of the semifinals here.

NYT reports:

ATHENS, May 20 (AP) — In what some fans called a stunning upset, a Finnish heavy metal band with monster masks and apocalyptic lyrics won the Eurovision Song Contest late Saturday.

The band, Lordi, caused a bit of a national identity crisis in Finland, where opponents accused it of devil worship and cringed at the thought that it might win.

The annual kitsch extravaganza, which was the springboard for the Swedish group Abba and Celine Dion, is known for its bland dance music and bubble-gum pop acts. This year groups from 24 countries faced off before tens of millions on television.

The band's members do not disclose their real names. The lead singer, Mr. Lordi, said its win, Finland's first, was "a victory for open-mindedness." "We are not Satanists," he said. "This is entertainment."

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Drunken monkeys experiment!

Monkeys drink more alcohol when housed alone, and some like to end a long day in the lab with a boozy cocktail, according to a new analysis of alcohol consumption among members of a rhesus macaque social group.
"It was not unusual to see some of the monkeys stumble and fall, sway, and vomit," Chen added. "In a few of our heavy drinkers, they would drink until they fell asleep."
In yet another study, the scientists gave a group of male monkeys 24-hour access to the beverage dispensers. According to the researchers, a spike in consumption immediately followed the facility’s working hours.

"Like humans, monkeys are more likely to drink after stressful periods, such as soon after the daily 8-5 testing hours and after a long week of testing," said Chen.

Link (courtesy of digg)